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Ayurvedic Herbs and Lifestyle Changes for Weight Gain

Ayurvedic Herbs and Lifestyle Changes for Weight Gain

There are countless articles, tips, and diet plans available for those looking to lose weight. However, in the case of gaining weight, finding the right information is quite difficult. If you too are trying to gain weight but do not know where to begin, this blog is for you. 

According to Ayurveda, low body weight is associated with Vata (one of the three Ayurvedic doshas). Those with Vata Dosha have a fast metabolism and even though they eat well, it is hard for them to put on weight. This dosha imbalance can be rectified by incorporating foods, and herbs that are heavy, oily, and stabilizing. 

To understand this in detail, let’s dig deeper. 

Role of Ayurveda in Gaining Weight

Ayurveda uses ancient herbs and ingredients to help a person gain weight. It is an option that has absolutely no side effects on your body. Moreover, Ayurvedic supplements for weight gain are mild and are available in powder form to make ingestion simpler. 

Before choosing any ayurvedic weight gainer, bear in mind that there’s a limit to the amount of weight you can gain. Yes, Ayurveda is effective and it, in fact, will make you stronger and healthier with each passing day. But, having unrealistic expectations isn’t good. Also, it is important that you get a consultation from a doctor before consuming any supplement on your own. 

 Here’s a list of Ayurvedic herbs that can help you gain those extra kilograms:

1. Shatavari

An effective Ayurvedic herb known for improving vitality particularly in women, Shatavari helps to balance hormones. It helps a person increase weight and gives a natural boost to the digestive system

2. Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha in powder form helps in treating several diseases. It is celebrated across the world for varied benefits such as regulating blood sugar levels, combating stress or anxiety, improving memory, and more. In infertile men, it modestly increases testosterone and sperm quality in infertile men. Ashwagandha also helps in resolving digestive issues which in turn helps a person gain weight.

3. Licorice Root or Yashtimadhu 

Low immunity results in weight loss. This means, improving your immunity can do wonders for you. Licorice Root, also known as Yashtimadhu is one of the best herbs for gaining weight. It boosts your stamina, improves your endurance, and fixes stomach lining, thus increasing your nutrient absorption capacity.  

4. Custard Apple

But isn’t that a fruit? Yes, it is. It is also an effective Ayurvedic herb. Eating custard apple for a month will help you gain noticeable weight. It will also make your muscles stronger as well as responsive. You can take custard apple seeds with milk or in the powdered form, either way, it is something that you must think about incorporating into your diet.  

5. Chawanprash

Lack of appetite is a common problem with those struggling to gain weight. This issue can be solved with the consumption of Chawanprash. It is an incredible nutrient-rich Ayurvedic supplement that strengthens your muscles, enhances bone density, and boosts your digestive system. As a result, it makes one feel hungrier and crave for food. Thus, prompts a person in the intake of more calories. 

Lifestyle Changes to Make for Weight Gain

  • Ayurvedic weight gain powder and supplements aren’t the only solutions. Your body requires more than a boost to the diet. To ensure better and long-lasting results, you must consider making the following lifestyle changes. 
  • After every meal, drink lukewarm water with lemon juice. This will help in hydrating your system, improving digestion, consequently increasing weight.
  • Exercising on a regular basis will also keep your metabolism in control. Just make sure your physical activities aren’t too slow or fast. With exercise, if you also add yoga, your appetite will increase and you will end up eating more, thus gaining weight.
  • If you enjoy eating dairy and meat, opt for grass-fed meats & organic dairy products. Prepare your meat portions in ghee (clarified butter) along with salt, spices, and black pepper for a tasty meal. 
  • Depression, stress, and anxiety result in weight loss. The sooner you understand this, the better it is. Avoid processed foods and give yourself a break. Indulging in too much junk food is also not something you should get into. Instead, go for Ayurvedic weight gain powders and tonics to ensure proper weight management.
  • Sleep well. Doctors, experts, and dieticians suggest that getting a good night’s sleep affects your metabolism. If you have a hard time sleeping, have some milk with turmeric powder mixed in and you will sleep like a baby in no time.
  • Drinking fruit juices is incredibly helpful. But make sure you go for the natural ones and not the packaged ones available in stores. Regular consumption of natural fruit juice will give your body the nutrients it needs and help you increase your weight drastically. 
  • Eat wisely. An important piece of advice that you should never forget. Properly chewing promotes great digestion. Avoid swallowing any bites because that won't help you in any way. 
  • Have you ever considered adding soy to your diet? If not, try it now. And choose the non-GMO soy type. It is a great source of protein and can help you increase body weight.
  • Another interesting fact is - Ginger, cloves, and cinnamon are some of the spices that increase a person’s appetite and advance weight gain. Herbs like parsley and oregano are known for increasing weight gain.
  • Have your meals without TV or mobile screens. Your body needs calories and giving more attention to those screens might result in under-eating or overeating. 


Ayurveda can help you witness significant results. It will change the way you look at food and help you lead a healthier life. To begin your weight gain journey, you can follow the above-mentioned tips. In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to consult our Ayurvedic consultant at +91-9958071796. Share your concerns, and let our expert help yo

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