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Joint Pain-What Causes it and How to Take the Ayurvedic Approach

Joint Pain-What Causes it and How to Take the Ayurvedic Approach

A large percentage of people older than fifty have been experiencing joint pains due to some or the other reason. In America alone, more than seven out of ten people in this age group are suffering from this problem, whether it is because of obesity, genetics, stress, poor diet and lifestyle, or wrong movement patterns that are affecting their joints in the long term.


Understanding Joint Pains with Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, this condition can be one of two main types based on its cause:

  • The first kind is related to a deficiency in the joints that leads to reduced bone density as well as general weakness in the joints as the years progress. Its common symptoms include a cracking sound when the joints are in motion that also brings discomfort.

Such symptoms should not be ignored; they should be addressed as soon as possible, otherwise the joints are likely to get more painful in the near future. This is because bones that lack necessary nutrition and nourishment begin degenerating as time passes.  

  • The second type of joint pain occurs as a result of an excessive amount of toxic substances accumulated in the joints. These toxins, known as ama in Ayurveda, are produced when the digestion process remains incomplete.

The buildup of toxins in the joints makes them feel stiff and heavy, and the longer it stays, the more the pain and inflammation. Also, this condition gets worse when the climate gets colder or damp.


Herbs and Tips Helpful in Relieving Joint Pain, According to Ayurveda

Treatment may differ based on what type of joint pain you are suffering from.

  • If the pain is caused due to lack of nourishment, and consequently, degeneration of the bone, then this deficiency should be compensated by taking nutritional supplements for minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • Restrict the intake of caffeine and food items that are highly acidic in your diet. This is because a diet that is high in acid levels increases the ejection of calcium, magnesium, and other important minerals from the body, preventing them from being effectively utilized by the body.
  • If the pain is because of ama buildup, you may have to take a detoxifying blend of herbs and apply pain-relieving ointments that are also made from the extracts of various herbs and spices like cloves, linseed, menthol, etc. Doing so regularly is sure to bring a positive change and relief from pain.
  • Ayurvedic oils are designed to offer pain relief but actually provide multiple benefits to the body. As they are absorbed, they provide essential nutritional components to the joint, lubricate the joint, and remove impurities.

These oil formulas also work to increase strength in the joints and consist of a unique blend of numerous herbs and naturally occuring substances. Such herbal blends work by penetrating deep into the skin and reach the joint directly so that they can attack, liquefy and eliminate the ama present in them. 




These are some easy ways to get rid of joint pain. However, if the pain seems too severe, it is essential that you take advice from a physician.


If you don’t have joint pain at the moment, remember the saying prevention is better than cure? You can definitely prevent this condition from occurring in the first place, which is preferable to the cure because getting rid of the toxic waste or ama once it has accumulated takes a lot more effort than preventing it from getting accumulated in the first place.


You should also be wary of any changes in your body that may reflect the presence of this or any related issue. In the end, it is best to avoid any patterns and habits that you fear may lead to joint pain because it is best to keep in mind that this pain can get quite severe if you are careless.


Even after you have begun your treatment and are taking care of your problem, make sure it doesn’t return by eating right and ensuring your body doesn’t suffer from any deficiencies.


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